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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Holly CowieHolly Cowie
I passed in two weeks with George. I'd taken a few lessons elsewhere and felt I was getting nowhere. I put off trying again for ten years! George made sure that I didn't feel daunted by starting again. George was reassuring, encouraging and methodical. His structured approach meant that I could see progress every day. We also practised the tricky bits in the test area over and again so that I was able to go into the test confident that I was well-prepared.

I’d recommend George to anyone who'd like to learn quickly without feeling rushed, and to come out feeling they have the skills they need to keep on driving safely.

Having to learn a vital life skill that takes practice, perseverance, time, dedication and patience to name a few, for me always seemed like a daunting prospect when you have no experience behind the wheel. I finally decided to take the plunge and went for the intensive 1 week driving course through LDC fully expecting to be nowhere near ready when I received my receipt and confirmation date for my driving test in the mail. That was until my first day of training with George, I was instantly put at ease and as my course progressed I grew with confidence and personally felt my ability to drive improve each day which allowed me to pass my test first time. George's approach to teaching is amazing, each lesson was so well structured and had me challenged in the various aspects of road use and driving ability! It was always interesting to see what would happen next! His enthusiasm is infectious and his vibrant, friendly personality makes sitting in a car for a number of hours each day an absolute delight.

Being a good driving instructor is one thing but being a good teacher is a skill that very few master and for me George is the best there is hands down!

Biggest thank you George! you're a superstar!

Katie OstKatie Ost
You don't realise what you're missing till you find it. I struggled through 4 driving companies before coming across George, and it was only then that I realised how badly I had been taught for 6 years! 5 months later, starting virtually from scratch, driving license in the bag! - thanks to George's encouragement, excellent tuition, and ability to adapt his style to make you feel safe and comfortable at all times.

My fiancé also learnt with George and passed first time, both of us with minor faults. I have since got two more friends learning with George and my younger sisters are next on the list; because I only want what's best for them. For me, it was important to have a tutor that was as keen as me to get me through my test ASAP rather thAn get as many lessons out of me as possible; to not feel like I was getting ripped off by chatting in the car for half the lesson; and, as a woman, to feel comfortable and supported with my tutor. Therefore, George comes highly recommended!

Also, post-license lesson on the motorway is also recommended.

A great instructor makes a good driver (the rest is up to you), and George Trap is outstanding. He understands his pupils very well and caters to their personality; he is a good judge of character and adapts his teaching accordingly. The main thing is that he pushes one step further but never makes it uncomfortable. If a mistake is made he will make sure you understand what it was and how to avoid it with a logical, understandable explanation.

I became very confident very quickly with this method and I have to say, with brilliant results. I passed my test with one minor fault and it's all down to George. I wanted to pass first time and he put me in a position to do so.

Driving with George was great fun, he is an amazing guy and I will miss our lessons. I have been recommending him to friends and family who live in the area and I would recommend him to anyone else. Thank you George! I'm looking forward to driving on my own.

I still can't thank you enough. I will give you a buzz when I get my full licence so we can have a few hours on the motorway!

Graham DunneGraham Dunne
Thank you very much for getting me through my driving test at the first attempt, I came to driving quite late but from the first lesson you put me at ease with your relaxed, methodical and enjoyable teaching methods. I looked forward to every lesson and could feel I had made a marked improvement every time i finished a lesson. My confidence grew quickly and my skill set just seemed to fall into place and in no time i was confidently driving around with a huge smile on face. George's constant encouragement and detailed explanations of numerous situations I encountered helped me develop an all round understanding of driving and the hazards you come across on the roads but importantly how to deal with them calmly and in complete control. A truly excellent and pleasurable experience and a brilliant instructor. If you can imagine yourself driving along with a huge smile on your face in a relaxed and enjoyable way, George is the instructor you need.

Rob CullumRob Cullum
Just thought I would email to say thank you for all of you support and guidance in helping me pass my driving test first time on Friday 22nd Feb 2013. I'll be honest, at the start of my lessons I was very nervous and apprehensive, but your overwhelming enthusiasm and support saw me through the training and test, coming out with only 6 minors (which is a Cullum family record). What I enjoyed most about my intensive course was that you made it fun, made me appreciate driving but you never swayed from being the constant professional.

Thanks again George for setting me on the road to the world of driving. I run a workforce of over 80 staff and in the couple of days that I have been back in the office I have sung your praises and recommended you to people who are thinking of learning. I won't forget your advice.

I came to George having previously failed my driving test years ago and never having driven since. I wanted to get the monkey off my back quickly and George got me through my test with only 16 hours tuition. He encouraged me to have confidence in my own ability, made me feel calm and relaxed, and made learning to drive again an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended!

Thanks again pal!

Matt FalloonMatt Falloon
George Trapp is everything a great driving instructor should be: Relaxed, good humoured and a brilliant teacher. His methodical and clear approach means you can feel yourself progressing every time you get into the car. He makes learning to drive stress free and fun.

I looked forward to every lesson and, thanks to George, I passed at the first attempt in next to no time. His preparation for the test was immaculate. I highly recommend him as an instructor, no matter what age or ability you are. You won't be disappointed.

Warren BoltonWarren Bolton
I came to driving a little bit later in life and was apprehensive after putting it off for years. George instantly put me at ease - he was supportive, challenging and at times demanding, and we made it through! I can thoroughly recommend him for the journey.

Lyle WheelerLyle Wheeler
I just want to say a massive thank you for teaching me to drive and pass with NO driving faults, could not be happier. I had had lesson previously with a different company and instructor where I thought I would never pass but thank you George for making me pass with flying colours with your calm nature, not once did I feel nervous driving with you or on my test with the examiner and I actully went into the driving test brimming with confidence believing that I could pass... didn't expect to pass with no driving faults though! I can't wait to get out on the roads. Thank you so very much George!!!

Emre RamadamEmre Ramadam
Despite having had driving lessons previously it was only when I started lessons with George at LDC that I felt fully confident about passing. Within the first lesson he broke down what needed to be learnt to pass the practical test, this instantly made the whole process of passing the driving test seem very manageable, understandable and achievable to me.

George also seemed to get a grasp of my character very quickly (perhaps helped by his background as a class room teacher), and used this knowledge to encourage in the right manner and give me confidence. He is also a nice guy and struck a good balance between making the lessons fun whilst ensuring the desired progress was being made.

Ultimately I passed the test first time of asking under George's tutelage, and will be recommending him and LDC to anyone requiring lessons in the future. Cheers George, it was easy!

Having previously had driving lessons with other companies and instructors I can honestly say the LDC is completely different and provides a logical progression to your driving and builds confidence as you go. Doing the theoretical side at home using the DVD means no long periods parked at the side of the road discussing a traffic light for example. I found learning with George an enjoyable experience; he gives great feedback in a positive way and is not at all patronising, I always had full confidence in him. I found myself enjoying driving, which previously I had never though I would. When my nerves got the better of me on my first test, George helped me pick myself back up and get going again. I went to my second test knowing what to expect and passed with flying colours - couldn't recommend him more!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me through my driving test. I didn't really expect to pass in such a small space of time so I am delighted! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher - you have been really kind and patient, especially during the early days of panic and shrieking! You managed to make me feel at ease and were never critical. Couldn't have done it without you - Thank you!

Well we just got back from holiday it would not have been possible without having passed the test first time just one day before going on holiday! We were able to rent a car and enjoy our first ever romantic driving together with Alsu! The car was convertible cabriolet, which will definitely be remembered forever.

The roads there are quite different from ours not just because of the other way of traffic flow, but also because half of them are a lacets high in the mountains which was a completely new to me especially in the night.

"Are we a meter from the kerb?" - I asked myself frequently, playing your role-) It wasn't the kerb though, it was a large precipice. One mistake and that is it, but you have to be on your side of the road or come face to face with the oncoming traffic.

The Hazard Drill never let us down though :-)

Speed limits are completely ignored there by the locals, but they made a lot of sense to me, especially in the night. Saying all that it was a really enjoying driving experience and another portion of confidence gained. Just stick to the same structure of driving and you will fill safe even if you first solo driving happens high in the mountains.

My friends are all pleasantly surprised about such a quick way of learning to drive and passing the test and I think those of them who don't have licences yet will first consider the LDC System.

All in all George,

Thank you very much for your efforts in helping me learn to drive in such a systematic and seemingly simple approach.